Gameplay Journal Entry #3

Regan Wheeless
2 min readFeb 3, 2021


Minecraft, but modded!

In terms of game modification, Minecraft is one of the most popular examples available. As such, I will also be discussing one of the most widely known mod for Minecraft- Minecraft Morph Mod, or the Identity Mod. Using this mod, players can shapeshift into any creature, animal, or player they kill in the game. Not only does the mod allow the player to take on the visual components of a mob, but they also gain physical components as well. For example, this means that if a player kills a bee, they have unlimited flight. They could also kill a fish and have unlimited underwater breath, preventing drowning. This can allow for players to have humorous conversations with friends, or it can allow players to “cheat” in Minecraft survival- however, that depends on if an outsider considers the benefits of “morphing” to be considered a cheat.

The morph discussion can go both ways- “Yes, it IS cheating to use the morph mod because of how it breaks some of the original rules of the game, such as the established gravity, or the limited air in water.” Or, on the other hand- “No, it ISN’T cheating to use the morph mod. Firstly, it is just a mod, and simple adds on to original Minecraft. Secondly, why is it cheating if I am allowed the same advantaged of the mobs around me?” However, according to the writings of Anne-Marie Schleiner’s in her discussion of the concept of the parasite as it relates to modding practices, she states this- “If we follow Serres in applying biological evolutionary concepts to cultural change, this insertion of abstract noise into the game can be viewed as a step toward, intentionally or incidentally on the part of artists, to instigating a change or mutation, clearing the way for a new order of play culture to come (whatever that order may be).” (1) Not everyone enjoys modded Minecraft, but as new updates for game are continuously published, players need to stop and ask themselves- how much of the game can be change before it is no longer the original game? Who draws the line, if there is one?

I’ve included this second video featuring the morph mod because I personally find it hilarious, but it does have some mature themes, just to warn you.

(1) Schleiner, A. (2017). Game Modding: Cross-Over Mutation and Unwelcome Gifts. In The player’s power to change the game: Ludic mutation (p. 17). Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press.