Gameplay Journal Entry #10

  • Cop interviewing people about a “murder”
  • A father was murdered by his daughter
  • Mother and other intermediate family paint the suspect as rebellious, having gotten mixed up in the wrong crowd. Stays out late, leaves early, skip school a lot. Father was doing their best to “correct” their behavior but got stabbed for his efforts.
  • Interview teachers- Most say their a good kid, good grades. One teacher confirms parents stories- horrible child, horrible grades, disrespectful.
  • Cop interviews friends of suspect- paints a different picture. Daughter is actually trans, FTM, and their family refuses to accept it. Avoids the family as much as possible, and only skips the class with the teacher that purposely targets them in class. Kid isn’t “disrespectful”, but argues against stupid points like “trans aren’t real people”.
  • Explore the value of men being friends with a girl simply to get in her pants, not be her friend.
  • “I think I deserve more than what I earned” thinks he has “earned” the right to sleep with her by being her friend for years.
  • “I think I deserve more than what I earned” quote from the song “Your New Boyfriend” by Wilbur Soot.
  • If set in medieval era, like most game of this kind, they can do actual battles against monsters.
  • If set in modern era, can do online battles? Battle of the wits? Keep changing the opinion of others until you have enough people to hold a protest? (I, a 20 year old college student, admittedly know nothing about actually overthrowing a government.)




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Regan Wheeless

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