Fairness in Women’s Sports

Tweet from user @iicf_backhome , an assumed Floridian resident, starting a thread of Twitter posts about the newly passed “Fairness in Women’s Sports” act. The thread itself does not quote the bill itself or any type of sources, but is simply interpretation of the people.
This video was posted before the bill was passed, but still discusses the controversial topic of transgender athletes and the existing (at the time) rules for them, mostly at the Olympic level.
Tweet from Floridian House Representative (Democratic) Omari Hardy, expressing their pain over the “Fairness in Women’s Sports” act.
Twitter post by @heyyitsalexx in response to @OmariJHardy ‘s earlier post, laminating about the bill passing. In this tweet, the user Alexis generalizes the bill and claims that any student would be asked to pull their pants down by a staff member, which would mean mass molestation in schools.
This is a direct screenshot from the bill itself (full bill is embedded below) stating that only students of “club athletic teams or sports that are sponsored by a public, primary, or secondary school… whose students or teams compete against [another] school” would actually be involved in this act.
Another screenshot direct from the bill. In this paragraph, you can see that students are not asked to “pull down their pants” by any school faculty, but “[request] that the student provide a health examination and consent form or other statement signed by the student’s PERSONAL health care provider to verify the student’s biological sex.”
A video that showcases the advantage transgender women have in women’s sports, and how there are also men who will briefly become transgender, compete in women’s sports and break all records, and then reidentify as a man. This video pulls from both transgender athletes at the Olympic level, and in the K-12 range.
The Fairness in Women’s Sports Act. (I can’t guarantee this embed works, but I have provided links in case it doesn’t.)




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